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Earn More with Agent-Directed Employer Group Sales

Agents are now eligible to offer AARP® Medicare Supplement Plans to employer groups with 10 or more eligible retirees.

Agents have a choice to assist with the enrollment for group sizes under 100, or simply let UnitedHealthcare complete the retiree application process for any group size. Agents are eligible to receive compensation for either method of enrollment, as outlined in the contract amendment.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans offer many benefits to employer groups and retirees, including flexible contribution levels, administrative ease, and affordable, stable rates. AARP Medical Supplement Plans may also provide retired employees with extra protection from Medicare's co-insurance and deductibles.

In addition to more than 4 million individual AARP Medicare Supplement Plan members across the country, UnitedHealthcare provides retiree health insurance solutions to more than 1,400 employers nationwide.¹

The more you sell, the more you can earn – it's that simple!

¹From a report prepared by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company using internal data June, 2015

Great news!

It is now possible to offer AARP® Medicare Supplement Plans, Insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company (UnitedHealthcare), to employer group plan retirees.

AARP Medicare Supplement from UnitedHealthcare

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